Monday, May 24, 2004

The cicadas are officially OOC. This morning I walked out my front door to a very odd, profound buzzing sound. Two cicadas were throwing themselves against the glass of the door to the outside (not the smartest creatures, clearly). The roar outside is ungodly, and they are in full flight mode. I have on a pink shirt and I think they mistook me for some sort of flowering shrub b/c several of them flew straight at my chest! I'm not squeamish, but damn...back off bits!! A dude got on the metro this morning w/ one happily perched on his shoulder. I don't think he realized the bug was was just illin', mindin' its own. Still...the profusion is WACK.

But my friend Carla ate one on a bet last week...said it tasted like dust. So...yeah. Get on that if you're interested.


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