Sunday, May 30, 2004

As Bryan wisely pointed out last night at his and Des' idyllic bbq, we still have a full 2 days of weekend ahead. Long weekends are the daddy mac...macaroni!! Just got back from a wonderful run along the GW Parkway, during which I saw just about every motorcycle in the free world. And remember freedom isn't free. But I digress. They're here for the variety of Memorial Day events and are rumbling pleasantly all over Northern Virginia. I would totally love to ride (own? maybe) a motorcycle. It would give my mom fits if I did, but I wear big girl pants now and make up my own mind! There just seems to be something very salt-of-the-earth about it. Has to be a Hog, though. Trinity on the Ducati is not s-o-t-e. It's badass, but different.


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