Monday, April 04, 2005

What a *want* is a BIG cup of coffee. But there are no coffee machines in the vicinity (save a nasty Hot Drinks machine in the basement) and the cafeteria closes at 2:30. So I'd have to go out to Starsucks or similar and I'm not up for it. This leaves me with the cold drinks options in the basement, thus I'll be relying on a Diet Dr. Pepper to zap me into coherence. BUT WHAT I REALLY WANT IS SOME FUCKING COFFEE.

Oh my god...I'm the smartest me EVER. After a few well-earned moments feeling ill-used I just realized: I am in the market for a new coffee machine for home (grinder/brewer combo--anyone have any suggestions?) which would leave me with an extra coffee machine that I could then bring into the office to make coffee whenever the mood takes me.

This must be how Descartes, Edison, Curie, and Einstein felt. Always thinking.


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