Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A belated Happy Easter to everyone. I kind of forgot that that was this weekend, in no small part because the weather was total CRAP and not very spring-like or reminiscent of Easters past. The day itself was fun, though, because we had $1/draught PBR at 1 in the afternoon followed shortly by Luigi's Pizza, a total throwback to the old days in Harrisonburg. Plus we watched Sunday basketball by a toasty fire and it doesn't get much cozier than that, on a grey and nasty day. I did however manage to pick up some sort of springtime bug and stayed home yesterday to sleep and fend it off, with mixed results. I don't feel terrible but I don't feel great either, which bites now that it's 65+ degrees and perfect conditions for frolicking outside. Oh well.

Speaking of the weather, I know it's a weird time of year when you don't know how heavily or lightly to dress, as Mama Nature is very fickle and changling and a day that starts windy and cold can end warm and sunny. BUT--ladies--that does not mean that it is OK, or the right time yet, to wear sleeveless summer tops or flip flops. I saw both these things on different women on the metro this morning and to this I say no, no, NO. That's just crazy. It is not *that* hard to check the weather and gear up accordingly, i.e. layers or shoes that cover more than 15% of your feet. I want sun dress weather to be here as much as the next girl, but use the sense god gave a goose and tart yourself up properly.


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