Friday, April 15, 2005

Right after this was taken I shoved all the other girls away and stole their flowers. Even my mom.

Yeah, kidding, but seriously, this makes it look more like a pageant than a promotion so I thought a nod to potential cattiness was in order. But what I should do is be a grown-up and acknowledge what a lovely gesture it was for Steve to get us all flowers when it was *his* day. Hard to believe this was a month and a half ago. This is an official USAF photograph and I just got it this week, hence why I'm posting it so soon after the fact.

Seated with Steve is his wife, Jean, and standing behind them l-r are my sister Malia, my mom, me, and my sister Kathy. Two things strike me about this picture. One is how much Kathy is coming to look like our mom (not a bad thing) and the other is how Steve and I have our heads tilted at EXACTLY THE SAME ANGLE. Malia and Jean have the tilt going on, too, but not to the same extent and it just goes to show that the gargantuan cranium that requires a prop stand? Runs in the family.


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