Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Nationals update: I will be able to partake in both dogs AND beer and heckling and OH MY CUP RUNNETH OVER on May 13th. Just scored 3 tickets (nosebleeds, schmosebleeds) for the game vs. THE CUBBIES so now my only dilemma is, Do I wear my CHC gear or remain neutral?

Next: I am fricking FREEZING, Mr. Bigglesworth after a rough morning on the water. Choppy, windy, and splashy. My hands were claws by the end and I kept dropping things once I got home because the fingers NO WORKY. *This* is more like it for April. Dammit.

And then: All attempts at healthfulness, while at work, have been totally crapped upon by forces beyond my control. Yesterday it was coffee cakes and cookies. Today it's cookies and chocolates from Marshall Fields. It's a C-O-N-spiracy, I tell you and I have HAD IT. What chance does chicken salad on a bed of spinach have against these unscrupulous forces? None!

I'm sorry, what? You couldn't understand me? Because of all the food in my mouth? OH.


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