Tuesday, April 19, 2005

You've heard of "none more black"? This would be "None more white."

I am, of course, referring to how frigging pale I am. "That which provides a beacon in the night", i.e. my skin, made its seasonal first appearance this weekend when I busted out the shorts to take advantage of the flawless weekend weather. There was much cooking out, lounging in camp chairs, and swinging in the hammock. Four-layer German chocolate cake, jello shots, black & tans and enough french toast and bacon to feed an army rounded out the gnosh compliment. When we weren't outside we were watching Lord of the Flies (the original, in deference to Mrs. Zimmer's 11th grade English class) and The Incredibles, which ROCKED. Pixar gets increasingly advanced both technologically and with storylines as the years go on. We watched it twice because we were sure that there were lines and looks and gimmicks that we hadn't caught the first time around and I was just as impressed, if not more so, on go #2. It's much less kiddie-ish than many Disney features and the Edna Mode character is *priceless*. For rill check that S out; you won't be disappointed.

Now today it's 85 degrees and the assault of my skin against the world continues with the first sundress/flip flop wearing of the year. Unlike the ordeal of winter layering, I love how much easier it is to get ready when you're only slipping on a 1-piece dress and open shoes. Of course this also brings up the down-side of skirt/dress wearing in summer, namely the random wind (especially near metros) blowing up of said skirt/dress. It hasn't happened, but my day will come. Again.

Yeah, that post was all over the place. Deal. Rowing was early and I'm still weekend-fuddled.


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