Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Phew. I made it. Every year I float in a basketball-ignoring haze between the time just after the Super Bowl is played and when Spring Training (and its exhibition games) start. I don't know why exactly, but I've never cottoned on to basketball the way I have to other sports. Seeing a game in person is fun, for sure (I've lost count of the JMU games I went to with my parents, where I ran around and rooted for the team as much as the next person) but in general, me no likey. So from football season to baseball season I glide, this year without even the distraction of hockey, but those dark days are over. The Nationals have their first game (vs. the Mets) today. Baseball is back in DC (SUCK IT, Angelos) and I'm happy to see it. It's not as cool as Kristin living w/in spitting distance of Wrigley, but the idea that I can hop on the metro for a game after work from time to time? Thrills me no end. But not as much as the hotdogs and beer at the park thrill me.!


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