Thursday, February 24, 2005

Ideal snow

Pretty much that's how this storm is shaping up. It's been snowing steadily for 6-8 hours now, but what lands on pavement melts, and what lands on earth sticks. So it's pretty, but not inconvenient. I opted to take the metro today just because I didn't feel like digging my car out tonight, but I totally could have handled the streets no problem. I am also exploiting the weather by wearing jeans, snow boots, and a fleece vest...I look like I belong at a ski lodge, not at work. To which I say, SUCK IT fashion conventions.

And on another note, a wee shout-out to Miss Erin who joined me in some Dheli Dhaba last night, in a bold effort on her part to get past a long-ago bad experience with Indian food. We had curried lamb and buttered chicken, naan, chole, and an Indian pilsner (the Maharaja, which was not too shabby). I got home after that, curled up in the Big Blue Chair, and just reveled in happy food bliss. It's the little things, I tell ya.


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