Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Friday morning I'm taking a defibrillator class. Just like they'd sign you up for CPR, except this is to learn how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED...coincidence? I THINK NOT). They'll be installing several throughout the building and the powers that be wanted staff at each level to be certified. It seemed a cool and useful thing to be knowledgable in, so here I go.

The head of HR just brought me the booklet I'll need for the training (complete w/ a CD-ROM....ah, technology), admonished me to be ON TIME, and warned me that there would be a written quiz at class's end that I'd have to pass to get the certificate. He said this in such a way that I felt like he was trying to scare me into I wouldn't get it or pay attention or had a high chance of failing this AED course. I certainly don't take the whole thing lightly, but I'm also not worried that I won't REPRESENT ADD-style w/ the paddles and the goo and the "CLEAR!!"

I just wish I could take some pictures. Apparently my doll might be the one smoking and melting in the corner....


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