Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Hi, have we met yet? I'm Belligerent Anne. Actually, most of you have run into me at some point or another, but on Friday I made new acquaintances--who will not become friends. We were out at Jay's Saloon (YAY, neighborhood dive I loved you even more the 2nd time 'round) and partook in a pool game with some dudes who--I = not kidding--were the spitting images of Nick Lachey and Joey Lawrence. The third guy was a dandy in matching 2-tone grey slacks and shirt and a huge signet pinky ring and I have NO TIME for that sorta ensemble. He was nameless, but no less regrettable. I referred to Joey and Nick by these names, to the point where I couldn't tell you their real names if my life depended on it. I wasn't aware of it at the time, but I got...um, "feisty"...and I guess Joey doesn't like his women with Tabasco because, as Ryan told me the next day, Joey basically stopped talking to us (well, ME) by the end of the night. What can I say? Alcohol works as no less than a truth serum for me--all the thoughts I have sober with none of the checks and balances--and as Adam emailed me, if they took that look out, they have to be willing to be called on it. So I was just taking their aesthetic to its natural conclusion, right? RIGHT?

Weekend food: Friday night we did Cuban at a place near Courthouse Metro. It's nestled so snugly at the end of a forgettable strip that you might miss it, but look harder. It's worth it. Delicious food, smashing mojitos, snazzy atmosphere, and stumbling distance to the train home. Saturday night we discovered the siren song that is Dr. Delivery. Oh Billy...the per-delivery fee is a little high to use regularly, but it is the Lord's sweetest indulgence on a day when you are hungry and tired and just need to be lazy without skimping on actually *enjoying* what you eat for dinner. Sunday I was uncharacteristically industrious preparing not only the Doss family spaghetti sauce but also a massive homemade coffee cake. Oh man, the apartment smelled good.

Weekend movies: Finally got out to see "Sideways." It was good, but sadder than I expected. For some reason I had the impression that it would be more all-the-time humorous, when it was in fact steeped in all kinds of grey reality. But great acting--Paul Giamatti can do no wrong in my eyes--and it made me want to go to Napa something FIERCE. Then yesterday I watched "Girl with a Pearl Earring," "The Statement," and "Seabiscuit." All good, but I was especially into 'Biscuit. Like I lacked proof, but I just need to fess to being a total sucker for horse movies. I was crying like a wee girl at the end and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I'm not even sure you were supposed to be crying, but I was. Horsey!! [Edit: I remembered last night that I have actually written on this prediliction in the past. Then in re-reading I saw that I slagged "Seabiscuit" out of turn, without ever seeing it. Sorry SB! Unmerited and untrue. Apparently for me horse + rider = *sniff*.]


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