Tuesday, March 16, 2004

BD is my Hidalgo

So, despite the setback of missing opening weekend because I was in New Orleans (I know, I'm questioning my priorities too), I finally went to see Hidalgo last night with Susie and Pam. ViggoMyHusband lived up to my expectations (of course!) but the movie, put out by Disney, definitely had its schmaltzy moments. I will say, the footage of North Africa is breathtaking, as are all the horses and riding scenes.

I realized as I was watching it that I'm a sucker for a good horseback riding movie--and I don't mean track riding, like "Seabiscuit." I'm more a fan of open range, horse-and-man-are-one-character stuff. To this day I will hold still for "The Man from Snowy River" and I get a bit misty over Lieutenant Dunbar's relationship with Cisco in "Dances with Wolves." What was that I said about schmaltzy? I know, I know.


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