Monday, March 15, 2004

Wow. Sometimes The Man is on my side?!

I was just on the phone canceling my DirecTV service (excellent customer service from them, btw...I truly will miss being a customer of theirs) because the building that I'm moving into later this month told me that I could not have a dish of any kind on the property. To be fair, the landlord was very nice about it, and I think if I had really pushed he might have met me halfway. But, I don't want to start out my life there with an adversarial tone, and as it turns out I'm getting a PHAT deal from ComCast through their dish buyback program.

But I digress.

My point is that I was told by the DTV rep that it is ILLEGAL for anyone to prohibit me, you, whomever, from having dish TV service. She directed me to this site to substantiate the claim. I think I might fall under the small grouping of those who would be SOL, as I don't have an "exclusive use area" and *would* need to use the roof or building exterior. But still. Good to know, my friends. Information is power and all that....


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