Friday, March 12, 2004

Starting the day off right

For the second day in a row I ran into Kristin, the K-digg, on the Yellow line. This has happened quite a bit in the year that I've been living on 22nd street, and is one of the things I'll truly miss when I move later this month. Hopefully we'll still see each other at MetroCenter from time to time. Nothing like starting your day w/ a chat and a smile from your fave girl.

In other news, they kicked Colby off of Survivor ! I find in this show that I make clothespin votes about in, there is no one that I LOVE and so I pinch my nose and choose from among those that are left. And so Colby had risen to the top of my All Stars rankings. Doesn't hurt that he was lovely to look at either. Alas, no more. They better dump Jerri and Ethan's broke asses soon, or Houston may have a problem.

Bottom line? No show compares to the one, the only BEST REALITY SHOW ON TV.


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