Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Not sure why this is, but for the past 3 days I've been dancing constantly at my desk. And in my car. I have some serious shake-your-watoosie vibes going on (except its mostly shake-your-shoulders b/c my watoosie is ensconced in some seat or other).

At work this is a source, I'm sure, of some hilarious bystanding. The reason being, in my office I sit facing into a corner (insert your own Blair Witch/dunce joke here) and so people who walk by see my back, but I don't necessarily see them or know that they're there. So I jam away contentedly, and they laugh their asses off.

Similarly, the car dancing has reached epic proportions. I put Van Halen 5150 in the CD changer last night, and on my way to dinner I was out of control. "Best of Both Worlds" practically ran me off the road as I sang along, rocked out, and negotiated steering and shifting simultaneously. Oh yeah, baby. MAD skillz. 'Cause really? Nothing beats driving as fast as my awesome 1992 Camry will tolerate (shout out to my BD!), singing and dancing all the while.


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