Monday, March 15, 2004

Son of a....

In my joy at having a newAlias episode to watch, I totally forgot about the Fleetwood Mac documentary on VH1 last night. FM, you may ask? I like their music well enough (at least the stuff when both Lindsay and Stevie participate) but I was most interested in seeing grey-haired hipsters bicker with each other. And any time spent watching Stevie Nicks is well spent. She's always vaguely unhitched, that one. Steve informed me that it was good, but that fewer-than-expected sparks flew. I'm sure it will be re-aired ad nauseum in the coming weeks though. Go, VH1 programming.

Speaking of least they're making up for only showing 2 new episodes in 3 months (GRRR) with some GOOD new eps. The Sark/Lauren Vaughn/Syd counterpoint could grow old quickly, but they're sticking with shoot-'em-up action, lerv undercurrents, and showing me plenty of Marshall, Weiss, and Sark. Plus last night's bomb cameo from Ricky Gervais. You're almost forgiven, JJ.


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