Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Happy first day back after Dead White Leaders' Day!!!

In a bureaucratic turn of events, in spite of school being open yesterday I had the day off and used it to have a long weekend out of town. Among other things, we saw a jazz concert Friday night, then Saturday I took advantage of the nice weather and had a long jog, and we grilled out (salmon, vegetable kabobs, and homemade peach cobbler. Oh. my. FRANCE). Sunday was movie glut day--"The Village," "Blood Simple," and "Garden State." That's the order they were watched in, but also how I would rank them quality-wise. The Village? Was POOP. The dialogue was laughable, the story disjointed and, in the end, foolish and basically amounted to 2 hours I could have spent better by staring at a wall. Although making fun of it after was pretty entertaining, so there is that. "Blood Simple" is a Coen Bros. early opus, and lordy but Frances McDormand was young!! It was a bit dark, and slow-going, but good. "GS" rocked, however, and now I have a hankering for that soundtrack (speaking of, spinning the Shins right now--excellent). Natalie Portman often gets on my nerves, but she did really well in it, and yay to Zack Braff for a solid first effort. All in all, good times.

This morning on NPR I enjoyed a story about how today is the 25th anniversary of the "miracle on ice" hockey game between the US and the USSR at the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics. Have a listen, if you're into that sort of thing. I always get goosebumps from that story. Because I am a patriot and I believe in my Most Cherished Liberty.

Finally, if you're a Wilco fan but couldn't get a ticket to their shows at the 9:30 club, NPR will be streaming the entire concert live on Thursday night. Info here.


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