Thursday, February 17, 2005

My excuse is, I was tired. And I had to pee!!!

Last night coming out of the metro at home, I was cornered by someone canvassing for a petition. She was friendly, and not pushy, and she totally had me bulls-eyed among the commuters and since I didn't have it in me initially to wave her off, I stopped long enough for her to start her spiel and then it was all over. She was trying to get signatures to put a candidate on the ballot for Virginia Attorney General in the primaries...not an endorsement, blah blah, and it was just easier to fill the fucking thing out than to be brusque and say no.

As I was putting down my information I asked her to tell me about this dude. When she got to "he's a big supporter of 'family values'" I knew I was making a BIG mistake. Then she told me how he believes in the right to bear fire arms, champions free business practices and went to Hampden-Sydney. By then I knew any street cred I had as a liberal was gone because I had affixed my name to something having to do with this (I would bet money on) W-esque man. But it was done, I was free, and (crosses legs and jumps up and down) I really had to go!!! So I went. Full of shame.


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