Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Matters of entertainment

Saw Adaptation last night. I put it off for ages because I cannot abide Nicolas Cage but 1. I didn't have much else that I wanted to watch 2. I wanted to get it off the DVR and 3. it's been recommended to me high and low, not least because Chris Cooper (heart!) is in it, so I figured for him I could give it a shot. Saving grace: Nicolas was in it much less than I expected, and Cooper was in it more. I didn't know Meryl Streep was in it, and she rocks for sheezy so that was a boon. Very, very interesting storyline--and I have to liken it to Bad Education in some ways with the slight of hand used in the "story within a story" thing--and while I found the ending somewhat jarring and not in keeping with the first 4/5 of the film, still, vrrr vrrr good.

I added my Powells wish list to the "Link That" section. I'm keeping Amazon up because it also has music and movies, whereas Powells is just books, but for the literary from here on out it's a Powells kinda blog. You can find fare there such as Notable American Women by Ben Marcus, which had me laughing out loud on the train this morning. A sample:

"Should a helmet be worn when I make love?"

Until the notion of Helmet-Assisted Life catches on with more people, you may be seen as a threat if you wear a helmet during moments of intimacy. Yet it might also be true that relaxed intimacy cannot occur unless the head is fully protected.... Perhaps the best solution is to encourage your partner to wear a helmet first, gently implying that it increases your arousal or fulfills a fantasy you've always had--that is, to make love to a beautiful person who is wearing protective headgear. Then when you introduce your own helmet into the bedroom, discreetly, of course, through a lights-out equipment-debut strategy, the helmet will seem natural and lovely, like a headdress once may have looked to warriors--honorable and sacred and sexual--and you can make lovely safely, without unwanted risk to your head. Helmets should slowly become a regular feature of life. Until that time, users should respect those people not yet accustomed to them, who still prefer a naked, vulnerable head."



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