Saturday, February 26, 2005

I do it to myself, so I have no room to complain

But like that ever stopped me before. I am feeling hale, hearty, and renewed after a lovely long sleep (12 or so hours). I took advantage of a free weekend morning to stock up, especially since rowing is not too far away. Now I'm cozying up to a cup of coffee and trying to figure out what to do with my afternoon. I had aspirations of a run but I can tell you with almost 100% certainty that that won't happen. I just DON'T FEEL LIKE IT and it's best not to push a stubborn woman in these situations, I've found.

I just got back from a quick walk to the post office to pick up my tickets for Italy!!! They're actual paper tickets, which I haven't used in some time--e-tickets are hassle-free and fool proof in my experience. I don't like having the tickets on my person, but I guess for international travel you still have to do it this way. Oh well. I'm having to keep track of passport and $$ over there so one more thing won't be a big deal. As each little detail gets dealt with and time gets closer, I'm getting more and more jazzed for the trip.

In other news, Grace and I had a lovely night out last night. We met up after work for dinner at Cafe Luna. I had this amazing basil/mushroom ravioli in garlic sauce that was deeee-vine. Then we went to the Dupont theater and saw Bad Education. Gael Garcia Bernal is a lovely, if wee, man. The flick is NC-17 and definitely deserved the rating (more for what it suggested than what it actually showed) but the story was very interesting, well-acted, and on par with what you'd expect from Almodovar. Although I think Pedro's getting a bit full of himself. In the opening credits it just says "A film by...ALMODOVAR". Since when did he go to the single name, a la Cher, Madonna, or Picasso? Self-designation in such circumstances is always ill-advised. The footage of Galicia makes me want to go sip wine in Spain...but then again, when do I not want to go sip wine somewhere lovely?

The previews before the movie showed 2 other films that I very much want to see. One started off looking cheesy and odd but will probably be great for a laugh...Kung Fu Hustle. The other had me at hello with the rotund leading man and the zydeco music... Schultze Gets the Blues. If I had Netflix that would top my list. It was a night of "I WANT THAT!" in many ways, now that I think about it. Vroom and I killed time before the movie in Olsson's where I saw about 15 books I want to read. It always happens that I go into book stores, see tons of things I'd like, and then when I get home to put them on my online wish lists, I can't remember the titles to save my life. I almost wrote some down last night, but didn't and now am kicking myself. time I need to take my camera and just take pictures of the covers. I'm sure the employees wouldn't mind that AT ALL. I also decided in perusing the music section to get up on some Iron & Wine, and some Emmylou Harris. So, if you'll excuse me....


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