Thursday, March 03, 2005


My brother's promotion ceremony is tomorrow, waaay out of town (180+ miles, one way), so this morning I went and picked up a rental car for the trip. BD has been making some odd noises lately and I didn't want to chance car trouble or, worse, missing Steve's event, so I forked over the ducats to Enterprise for a KICKIN' Chevy Cavalier (stock photo here; mine is more of a fetching champagne color). Actually, I love renting cars. I just love driving, period, and other people's cars in particular. I wish it were a snazzier veee-hicle, but it's fine for the task at hand and I was *thrilled* to discover that it has a CD player!! I was all set to be surfing radio stations between here and there, but no need for that. Woot! Plus it's an automatic, which will be nice to have if I run into traffic. I am a complete car snob generally and a manual transmission snob specifically, but shifting sucks major D in stop-and-go nonsense like we have 'round these parts.

Hence, no blogging tomorrow, but some piccies and stories when I get back, for sure. Cross your fingers I get there and back sans incident.


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