Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Non sequitur of epic proportions

Two things, having neither anything to do with each other nor with other events in life or postings on this blog:

First, I was reminded the other day of an AMAZING book that I loved as a child, that I still go back and read every once in a while, "The Westing Game." A masterful suspense/mystery for kids that--coincidentally given our current predicament--has a healthy dose of patriotism (someone tell Ashcroft). Anyway, damn fine read. Although I just noticed in posting this that its target audience is 9-12 year olds, so that thing about me reading it still to this day? Disregard that.

Second, my Yahoo radio just served up a Tina Turner early-90s classic complete with rockin' saxophone solo. It reminded me of her videos in the early 80s, especially the ones with sax solos where her guy--who was, you'll remember, a HUGE muscle-bound oaf with long hair, kinda like Kenny G and Michael Bolton's love child--would stand alone and RAGE on his horn (as much as one can "rage" on the sax). Even by 80s standards it was cheesy and ham-fisted (mmm...cheese....ham!).

See? I told you it would be apropos of NOTHING. It's how my mind works, what can I say?