Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Dropping like flies William Manchester, noted WWII veteran and biographer died. While I haven't read his works on Churchill or JFK, I did read his memoir of WWII, "Goodbye, Darkness", which was *excellent*. His passing reminds me how much I miss Stephen Ambrose, too.

There's no shortage of material on WWII, though (PS, why are so nostalgic for WAR?). Right now I'm reading a great book about a U.S. Army Rangers raid on a Japanese POW camp in the Phillippines in the final months of the Pacific War. Guess Sides is taking up where older writers are leaving off. As are others; this weekend's Post Book World was, understandably, all about Memorial Day and remembering WWII and "why we fought." I guess we're so confused about our current war that we harken back to when the enemy was clear, our objectives were known and relatively right, and there were no home videos.


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