Monday, August 14, 2006

I-95 is for suckers

This weekend marked my last stint of 2 consecutive days off between now and when school starts next month. I chose to spend that time honoring my family with my presence. Normally this means slogging my way down I-95 and then I-64, a harried evolution that should take around 3 hours but has, in the past, taken upwards of 5 start-stop, shift-neutral-brake hours and not a little "I would fucking shoot you if I could" feelings/out loud statements. However, on Thursday since I wasn't in too much of a rush I decided to go via the Eastern Shore, Rt. 50 to Rt. 13 and across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.

Best. Decision. EVER.

It's a little further, and takes a bit longer because the roads don't get much above 60 mph, with the odd stop light as you go through small towns, but it is so worth it. There was no traffic, the scenery is gorgeous--lots of little sea shanty towns, fields of nothing but corn--and a dearth of assholes who don't know how to drive. Yesterday when I came home I had to take the interstates and I hated it to the point that I welcomed a traffic jam near Fredericksburg as an excuse to bail out onto Rt. 1 for the rest of the drive. If "H8N 95" wasn't already taken it would be my new license plate.

In other news, while in Norfolk we enjoyed a wine tasting, a deluxe dinner with a friend of my mom's, lounging by my sister's pool, and getting the last of Shelby's graduation gifts: the snazziest dorm fridge in history. She is going to JMU next week with more fancy new stuff (clothes, appliances, stereo) than I currently have in my apartment. I have to say I'm officially jealous of her and the general going-off-to-college thing. It feels like just yesterday that I was starting school m'self and I miss it. Going back to graduate school while working full time isn't quite the same thing.


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