Thursday, August 03, 2006

If dreams are meant to help you sort through what's going on in your waking world then what is THIS about?

Just before I woke up this morning I had the most vivid, elaborate dream. I was in my old house in Harrisonburg (in all it's glory, pre-fire) with both my parents. Apparently it was near Christmastime because I was feeling some present-buying stress, trying to figure out what to get for people and literally, in the dream, I woke up and after chatting with my mom upstairs was headed downstairs to fire up my laptop (which I didn't have when I lived there) to do some trusty online shopping. Anyway, we're then all congregated in the kitchen discussing breakfast and plotting holidayish things when I glance down and notice a black plastic...probe is the only word I can come up with for it...poking out from under the cabinet near the sink. I notice it not just because it's odd and out of place, but because it's moving. Poking out more and less with jerky motions, attached to a flexible metal-sheathed hose. Suddenly, in the weird, leap-from-A-to-L logic of dreams I realize that this thing has a camera and microphone in it and that we're being reconned by someone from outside the house. I try to make a grab for the probe but whoever is operating it knows they've been burned and pulls it back immediately. I spring up, looking out the window above the sink and see a vintage green Jeep with industrial roll bars and top spot lights backing away from the west side of the house. I notice as it does this that it has Virginia plates--as I sit here I still remember the first three characters: wtf?--and then go tearing towards the front door. Of course, again in the way of dreams, I run like I'm stuck in molasses and don't get there until the Jeep is 1/2 way down the street. I can picture it, slowing for the stop sign at Franklin and Mason streets before continuing on, while I'm freaking out, yelling for my parents to call the cops, inconsolable about how to keep the house safe while we're in Virginia Beach for Christmas.

And then I woke up.

I ate some cookie dough before going to sleep last night; clearly this was a huge mistake.


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