Friday, November 05, 2004

About to flip. my. shit.

Several things have piled up unexpectedly today to create a situation where my threshold is absolutely NIL. As a wee balm to my soul I just forked over $1.10 for an "extra point" Diet Dr. Pepper (whose bottle resembles a football, so glad I paid for that) and $.80 for a so-not-Big-Grab bag of Cheetos. Again, feeding the pain, except I'm so annoyed at what I paid that it's kind of a wash. Add to that that I just chanced to see CNN and they are ALREADY talking about potential candidates for 2008. Jesus Christ. I am desperately unhappy over Kerry's loss, but can we just take a breather for, oh, I don't know, a measly week before we work ourselves up into a lather all over again?!? I'm exhausted. THAT is why I have no tolerance. I'm so depressed about the state of the nation (insert New Order rendition here) and the death of all the hopes and empowerment I felt going into Tuesday. I can't take anymore right now.


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