Tuesday, November 02, 2004

"Virginia is in play!!! It's viable! Come and stump heeeeeeere!!!!!!!" she sobs...

I was just scanning an article on Salon about all the famous Hollywood-types who turned out in Ohio to go DOOR-TO-DOOR to drum up support for Kerry. I thought, "Ooh! Paul Newman! Matt Dillon!" And then I saw this:

"As the presidential campaign careens toward its world-altering climax, Ohio feels like the improbable center of the universe. Besides the candidates and their relatives and surrogates, hordes of political celebrities and Hollywood stars are descending on this resolutely unglamorous state. "The Lord of the Rings" star Viggo Mortensen campaigned along with Howard Dean on Saturday."

I have never wanted to live in Ohio so badly in my entire life.


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