Tuesday, November 02, 2004


This morning I skipped rowing but still got up butt early, kitted up for the day, and was at my local voting location by 6:15. Silly Anne! That is not early enough!! There was already a line 200-strong when I arrived, and so I joined it, and stood, FREEZING, for an hour, inching ever closer to the front doors, warmth, and my "I Voted" sticker. Tick, tock....tick tock.... I waited for over an hour, and just as I got to the doors (but still with probably 20 or 30 minutes more to wait) I had to leave. HAD TO. I had an 8:15 appointment that I could *not* be late for, and so, after all that I had to go, stickerless. I was, seriously, dejected. I even called Kristin's voicemail and spoke, through gritted teeth, of my resounding annoyance. I really wanted to go through my day with that sticker, yo.

But fear not my friends!! My employer kindly gives each of us 2 hours off to vote, so I'm leaving work early, most likely to get back in another effing long-ass line. All that matters is that I cast my vote. Because if there's anything you know about me by now, it's that I have shit to say AND I WILL BE HEARD.

PS--I made it to my appointment in plenty of time, and the woman I met with had her daughter with her at work. The child's school was closed because of the elections, and so she was quietly entertaining herself at her mom's job. More impressive still was that I was telling my sob story to the lady of waiting and not making it in to vote, and she said, "Oh, I'm working this early shift so that I have the afternoon free to do just that. And I am taking my daughter because she WILL see how it works, and what she will do one day." I was *this* close to shouting "YOU GO GIRL!!" I didn't, though. Don't worry.


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