Sunday, October 31, 2004


You guys, I cannot tell you how proud I am of this lady. Girlfriend ran a fucking MARATHON today, and who is not endlessly impressed by that?! She's been training for 6 months and from what I could see, it paid off. D, Dave, and I were around mile 23 and she was still running and STILL SMILING.

It was so inspiring to see so many people of every age and seemingly every fitness level chugging along out there. There were lots of great costumes--lots of Supermans and Supergirls (including Miss E!), the odd devil and angel--and then a couple guys who I don't think it was a costume, but were running in full fireman's gear (fundraising?). Now THAT was impressive. Lots of political statements were made (the 2 people wearing "Republicans for Kerry/Edwards" were my favorites) and lots of military pride was shown (mine most of all...wink). Can I be totally myself and tell you how many VERY ATTRACTIVE dudes there were out there??! Lord have mercy. Ahem.

But watching for Erin was the best part, and cheering everyone as they came around the bend onto Crystal Drive. Some people had their names on their shirts or their bodies, and so you could really get into it..."Lookin' good Tom!" "Way to go, Lynne!!" "Almost there, Fatass!" Yes, there was a girl whose shirt said "Go Fatass, Go" and the man next to her's read "Daddy Fatass". HA! People who can run like that AND have a sense of humor about it? I heart you. The weather was absolutely amazing here today--75, sunny, and breezy--and lots of families were making a day of it. Crystal City had moonwalks, face painting, pumpkin decorating, and other things for kids, and kudos to the police and rescue personnel who were stationed to help with traffic and security and safety and runners' health. THANK YOU.

I haven't had a chance to talk to Erin and see how *she* feels about the day, but I hope that amidst all her self-critique of pace and split times and strategy, that more than anything she just feels what a huge accomplishment this is. To her and all the other runners I say: YOU ARE THE SHIT.

PS--special thanks to Dave and D for going with me, and to D for suggesting CC as the place to watch. Smart *and* good company. What a duo.


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