Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Friendster needs to be a liiiiittle bit more precise

I signed up for Friendster about 9 months ago (mainly to humor Corinna) but was also pleasantly surprised to find out how many people that I know who are also on the site. So I link to them, get the whole "six degrees of separation" thing going on, blah blah. Except that one of my buddies is a very wonderful, cute, social, ha'nin GAY man. So now whenever I check Friendster and they have "suggested" connections for me, its always with very cute boys named AJ or Corey or Shane who are 100% G. A. Y. And there is nothing wrong with that. But it does me no good in my quest for the FrankenMan of my dreams (that would be equal parts Jeremy Piven, Viggo Mortensen, Oliver Platt, Howie Long, and Bradley Whitford). I work in Dupont Circle, for cryingoutloud!!! Haven't I already suffered enough with the untouchable eye candy?


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