Tuesday, June 15, 2004


This afternoon we had an employee recognition "thing" for those at the school who've been here landmark numbers of years (5, 10, 15, etc). So it's a 2-hour affair, and I was all geared up to go when it started, but everyone else in my office flaked, so I did too (because I can think for myself like that). Then suddenly, come 3:45, somebody gets a bug up his bum and decides to go, so we all caravan over there. We arrive--with impeccable timing--just as the Dean of the school is standing up and giving an award, so what do we do? We HIDE in the hallway, trying to figure out if there's a backdoor into the room, then sending someone in to do recon, except she doesn't come back ("WE HAVE A MAN DOWN!!") so we send a more experienced officer in and he does come back with the 411 of a back door. We scurry through at some moment when there's a pause for clapping, take our seats, and....the fire alarm goes off. For serious. However, the ensuing trudging down 5 flights of stairs and standing out in the muggy D.C. heat was mitigated by the arrival of HOT. FIREMEN. And then after that I got a piece of chocolate cake. All's well that ends well my good people.


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