Monday, June 14, 2004

I watched the funniest movie yesterday. Trouble is, it wasn't a comedy.

I stumbled upon "Oxford Blues" on one of the romance/lerv channels in ComCast's vast pantheon of dreck. I saw this movie waaaaay back in the day (picture me sneaking down to watch HBO--when all the dirty movies were on at night--when I was about 7 or 8), so I remember it VERY vaguely, and have new-found interest in it because it revolves rather heavily around my beloved rowing. All I can say is, it does 80s movies proud, and that's nothing to write home about. Rob Lowe has on enough eyeliner to make a drag queen proud and is still in his smarmy pre-videos with teens mode. The premise is laughable at best--he parlays one night's gigolo wages from Vegas into tuition for a year at (snort) Oxford University--because he wants to meet and woo a member of peripheral English royalty studying there. Meanwhile he makes a name for himself rowing 8s with the Oriel College crew (after a hasty entry into a singles race, where he OF COURSE wows the crowd with his moves, despite rowing in jeans and a leather jacket. WTF?!?!?). I mean, this movie was so bad it was hilarious.

To their very wee credit the rowing shots were nicely done, and they must have had good technical advisers because the terminology they use is pretty solid. It's from a time before high-tech fiberglass and plastic racing shells though, so they're hefting wooden boats and oars all over England. Most of which means little or nothing to you guys, but I got a damn good laugh out of it. Plus there's far too little rowing featured in media at large, so I have to take it where I can get it, y'know? Except here. Even I have standards.

PS--The movie stars Julian Sands as well, in his "Room with a View" prime, and an INSANELY young Carey Elwes, who is just too pretty to be real.


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