Monday, June 14, 2004

OK, *Who* plans Kojo's show lineup?? I'm officially POd. All morning on NPR they touted the fact that David Sedaris would be the guest on an afternoon WAMU (local NPR station) show. Of course, I am all up in that junx, to the degree that I emailed others with said information. And now here I am, downstreaming the audio, and Kojo just informed us that David will be on later in the hour, but right now we're hearing the latest on the Mars Rovers. Now, I love me some space information, but 1. it has no place in a show with David Sedaris and 2. FALSE ADVERTISING. No mention of Mars or our bloody Rovers was made during the ad nauseum promos on "Morning Edition." I cry Foul!! Plus, dude who's talking about Mars has a NY accent that won't quit...."wah-tuh" for the commodity distinguished by two hydrogen and one oxygen atom. HEAVY SIGH.


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