Tuesday, April 18, 2006

You really can get *anything* on EBay

I'm in the market for a ceiling fan and have been doing online research in an effort to find ones that are cheap, simple, and easy to install. What? A girl can dream! Anyway, my search turned up some hits and some misses, one of which is pictured above. Found these on EBay--they're the blades to a ceiling fan that have been customized with John Deere logos and pictures. Maybe if I lived in Roanoke....

And I can't help but point out the other eye-rolling element of this picture: the stamp emblazoned overtop of the blades "Now Your Talking". I find all those buzz phrases "Ain't Skeered" "Git R Done" etc. so tiresome, not least because of the grossly poor grammar. You're. NOT Your. I'm not just saying; I'm mad.


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