Saturday, April 15, 2006

The only 2 things that make life bearable after a night inside at work, missing the 80 degree weather...

Sofia's individual champagne and Aussie rules football on MHz.

I refer to them as adult Capri-Sun because of the handy extendable, bendable straw that comes with each can. And doesn't this dude remind you of Ogre from the Revenge of the Nerds franchise? Anyway...I've been working every night this week while it's been stunningly beautiful outside and I'm incredibly cranky about it. Now I get to do a quick turn-around and be back in at 6 am tomorrow. GRRR. But at least I'll be free come afternoon to go grill it up with Suzi and Tom.

OK, the boys on the telly demand my full attention. Happy Easter, all!!


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