Saturday, March 25, 2006

Funny how you won't do for yourself what you will do for other people

I just ran my first 5K!! Many thanks to Erin D. for the invitation to participate (and for the ride home after the race). E is a cham-peen runner so she dusted me early in the process but Dave and D were also there and Dave made for a great running buddy. He dummed down to my sloooooow pace, chatted with me, and also provided someone I was ashamed to stop in front of, so I ran the whole thing, finishing with a personal best time.

I was telling Erin on the walk to the car: so many times I've been driving on a weekend morning and see people with race numbers who have obviously just finished some sponsored walk/run, and how great and glowing they look, and how blobby it always makes me feel. But today? TODAY I was one of the glowees!!

Tomorrow I'm sure to be sore and/or complaining but for now, feelin' fit feelin' fine. Woo!!


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