Saturday, August 27, 2005

Kinda like when you get your syllabus for the semester, I hereby outline what's coming up in postings to recount the week's activities. Plan now which lectures you'd like to attend:

Five Guys with Erin on Wednesday followed by a viewing of my-jury's-still-out-on-this-one Hostage.

KRISTIN COMING HOME and doing a Girls Night redux on Thursday. Powerful margaritas at Guajillo and soft serve from Carvel. MMmmm.

Happy Hour at Hawk & Dove with Kristin, Erin, Tom, and Suzi on Friday. Circuitous drive to NW to see Matt's "new" place, then tromping over to Utopia for martinis and jazz.

Today is for lazy reading on a rainy day, perhaps a movie, and then we're going to see Steve Miller tonight at Wolf Trap. This here's a story 'bout a big old jet airliner full of wild mountain honey piloted by a Joker who's gonna fly like an eagle to the sea...


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