Sunday, August 21, 2005

Two weekends in a row I've done outdoor things in 100+ degree heat. SMRT!! Last weekend it was the WITO thing in Leesburg; yesterday it was Pickin' on the Neck, a bluegrass festival near Lorton. Mason Neck State Park is just south of Fort Belvoir, on a spit of land that sticks out into the Belmont/Occoquan Bays. Absolutely gorgeous, tranquil area--you'd never think it's so close to the bustle of D.C.--where Pam and I scoped out a shady spot by the water and settled in for several hours of good ol' country music. Besides the very good tunes, we were treated to a must-have for any good festival: a drunk, rowdy man. You couldn't bring in drinks or coolers, and this was a family event run by the Lions Club, so I'm guessing this dude got pre-soused and then headed in for the music. He was maybe 55 and looked like life has used him very harshly...florid/sunburned skin (of which there was a lot; shirts were invented for a reason, fella), straggly white/blond hair, molester yellow-tinted glasses, a huge belly, and stringy limbs. He jumped and "danced" in front of the bandstand, and shouted out comments to the bands and crowd in general. Example:

Singer: "This next number is an old favorite, 'Mama and the Hard-workin' Day'."
Geezer: "MAMA?! Mama's a hussy is what she is!"

And many other gems along these same lines. Like an idiot I forgot my camera, but PEby has one in her phone and we got a wee snap of him mid-shimmy, so I hope to have that for you at some point.

Today I was treated to a visit to FredVegas with none other than TV, who was on the 5-year plan there at Mary Washington back in the day. I caught up on all the goss from the Old Job
on the drive down, then we rolled in for a fun stroll through Civil War/antique/memory lane. Lunch at Sammy T's, then meandering up and down Caroline Street (think historic Occoquan or Old Town Alexandria). Then we drove up to campus where Steve pointed out "I partied here" or "I threw up there" or "This was the A-1 dorm in my day and OF COURSE I lived there". ;) I kid, of course. And like we all don't tell those tales when we go back to our old campus. Needless to say the school is beautiful and sweetly small, but very pictoresque and still quiet since students aren't back yet. As an aside, they're welcoming the class of 2009 this fall. JESUS. I am fucking OLD. That means Shelby will be the class of 2010 from wherever she goes, and that Samantha will be the class of 2013 and that? Just makes my head hurt.
We finished up by cruising by Carl's on the way out of town to get milkshakes that have been touted to me by many F'burgers. I don't think it's a coincidence that Carl's is on Princess Anne street. They were simply waiting for me. I think in the way that I stop in to Williamsburg for Pierce's and CheeseShop, so now too shall I pop off of 95 to get me a chocolate malt.

Adam, what high school did you go to? And btw, having now seen parts of your 'burg, I CANNOT picture you growing up there. Because it is all about me. Duh.


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