Monday, August 15, 2005

Great weekend, activity-packed. One of the things I did was re-watch some Season 1 episodes of Alias with Suzi. She and Tom never watched the show in the past and are Netflixing to play catch up. We sat rapt before the first 3 episodes of the show, and I had forgotten just how fucking awesome this show is. The characters were already really well developed (i.e. I couldn't love Spy Daddy or Marshall more if you paid me. Seriously.); the stunts and look of the show were detailed and polished, but not heavy-handed; Vaughn and Weiss have *killer* repartee and are dressed like under-paid, over-worked junior officers; and I miss Francie and Will! I was bummed to get to the end of the disc. I don't have Netflix anymore...does anyone have Season 1 on DVD? Can I borrow? ;)


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