Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I had to get her learned up right quick

I was out jogging on Wilson Blvd. just now, trying to stay to well lit streets in the feeble hope that this would make it easier for me and cars to see each other. Silly me. Crossing an intersection (and a small one at that) a girl, in her car, ON THE PHONE, came rolling up to the stop sign. I saw her and slowed down, watching her to make sure that she saw me before I passed in front of her car. As a pedestrian I had the right of way, but also she was making a left onto the boulevard and no way was she going to do that before I needed to pass, so the logical thing would be for her to stop and wait, right? Right. So I start out into the intersection thinking that she saw me, but NO. She's looking to the left, and talking up a storm, and just keeps rolling...and rolling...right into me. I stopped before she hit me, but I reached out and did a quick double-smack with the flat of my hand on her hood. At least the wee twit had the decency to look startled and embarrassed. Her look seemed to show that she hadn't seen me or didn't think I was going to cross the street, but still. Pay motherfucking attention to what you're doing when you are operating something with a GVW of about 1.5 tons. I looked at her through the windshield, made eye contact, held up my hand in the universal "phone" gesture and said "GET OFF THE PHONE."

Damn, Gina, we both lucky you didn't hit me for rill.


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