Monday, November 08, 2004

Did anyone watch the Dallas reunion show last night?

I ask that in all seriousness, and I admit to being a huge fan of the show back in its heyday. The early 80s were all about Dukes of Hazzard and Dallas for my family. I was entirely too young to be watching JR seduce women and witness Cliff's alcoholism-induced backslide, but I think it taught me a lot about life. Lessons I still draw on today, as a matter of fact, whenever I need to use my share of Ewing Oil stock to secure a loan from my cheating husband or if I have to throw my wine glass into a roaring fire in a fit of despondency or rage. Lost arts, both of those things....

The timing is a bit eerie since Howard Keel died yesterday. He was Miss Ellie's second husband, Clayton, after Jock died. But I heart him because I saw him in all those old musicals from the 50s and 60s. My parents loved those things and we watched them all the time. Aside from "1776," "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" is my favorite musical of all time. HK had an amazing voice and he wasn't too hard to look at either. Sigh.


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