Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Not that I needed to be told this--my dating record bears it out--but my god. As if the last week hasn't been depressing enough:

The Truth About Men in D.C. Is a Tough Pill to Swallow

Guys, rejoice: Washington is the No. 1 place to find "babes." So claims Men's Health magazine, which ranks America's sexiest cities in its November issue. This city boasts "the highest percentage of young, single, college-educated women," according to the editors' analysis of U.S. Census info.

But while the mag christens us the "Dating Capital," there's very bad news for those ladies: Washington ranked No. 2 among 101 cities in erectile-function diagnoses and "the number of Cialis, Levitra and Viagra prescriptions dispensed per capita," Men's Health reports. Washington also ranked second in doctor visits for male-pattern baldness and sales of Rogaine.

But hold on! Whatever their other deficiencies, the men here stay in good physical shape. They score high for "best abs" and low for body mass index. "It may be the home of pork-barrel politics," the mag says, "but D.C.'s male population is far from porcine."

Hmm. Have those editors frequented any lobbyist-heavy steakhouses lately?

Copied from the Washington Post.


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