Monday, October 18, 2004

Several of you have asked, very kindly, how my race was. Which has led me to the dilemma of how to blog about what happened yesterday. I wanted to write about the other parts of my weekend--the fun, hilarious, perfect parts--but also knew that I'd have to get to the events of Sunday and didn't want to lump them in together. So if you want it in order, start with the first posts from today and work your way up. I don't write this to be dramatic or sensational; but really the only people who read the 'Sport are my friends, people who I need to know that this happened.

The deal was, there had been a mix-up wherein my coach didn't register my partner and me in time for yesterday's Occoquan Chase. BUT, she and I were working on the premise that bookings for races are not unlike tickets for a flight--if you go down and wait on "standby", when someone scratches you can hop in their spot. Thus we were at Sandy Run first thing, and got in a spectacular 10-mile row, just us, on calm water with no traffic, on a glorious October morning. When we came back to the dock, as we putzed around waiting to see how the day developed, we received word that several kids from one of our (ACR/TC Williams) rowing clubs had been involved in an accident on the drive down to the race. One of the kids was my partner's daughter. What happened next was a surreal and frantic blur of unanswered phone calls, disjointed information, and finally a desperate drive to the hospital to find out that, in fact, the absolute worst had happened. Those moments were--it all is--so awful. I'm still in shock about it, and that is NOTHING compared to what the kids and Laura's family are going through. If you're a praying sort of person, say one for them.

The one solace I've taken from it is that, sitting in that hospital yesterday, I saw such a network of friendship, support, and love--really, of family--that exists among rowers and their families at ACR, TCW, and ODBC. I was so moved, and am proud to be associated with such fine people.


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