Monday, October 18, 2004

George Michael's biggest fan

Big thanks to Melissa (said fan) and her boyfriend Kevin for hosting a lovely dinner on Saturday night. Her apartment in Dupont Circle is huge, lovely, and SO CHEAP and I hate her for it but she had me and others over for a tremendous potluck. While there I discovered that Miss M, in addition to being quite the painter, celebrates George's entire catalog. I also learned that the surest way to clear the room is to monopolize conversation with the guy from the UK who is here on business and is into aviation and military history as much as I am. It started with the F-22 and went back to the MiG-3 and the next thing we knew, everyone was huddled in the kitchen away from the SCARY AIRPLANE PEOPLE. Sorry, guys! Truly...I didn't mean to be so obtuse, but I have to say it was SO GREAT to find someone to talk with about that stuff.


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