Thursday, October 14, 2004


Not to be found here. Just wanted you to know. Today, I'm just going to ramble on [shout out to Shelby].

On my way out of the metro last night I ran into several canvassers for the Kerry/Edwards campaign. They were offering literature and bumper stickers, both of which I declined. I have 2 stickers already, and I know all I need to know on the Johns--and as you all know, me likey. But it got me to thinking: those women don't know *why* I said "no thanks" to their handouts. Did saying no automatically equal an "anti-Kerry" vibe to them? Canvassing is such thankless work as it is, between the outright not-interesteds and people in circumstances like mine, I wonder what the proportion is of people who want and take information in that format? Although, in the long run, what matters is who shows up to dance on November 2nd.

Man, "Inside the Actor's Studio" is on a downslide, huh? I've seen ads for the latest season on Bravo, and DAMN...if they have to go to Jennifer Lopez to fill their bookings then they have a serious problem of either supply or image. Personally, I think they're a victim of moving to a television show format. Apparently those talks went on at the New School as part of the curriculum for some time before someone got the bright idea to put James Lipton's sycophantic ass-kissing on cable. BUT, now that people tune in for the show regularly and they've run through most stars of note, they seem to be scrambling to fill the hour any way they can. They also seem a bit backward in who they've deigned to ask and not to ask so far. For instance: William H. Macy is only just being interviewed for the first time this season. That man is hella-talented, and has been on everyone's radar since "Fargo", so you can't say he's a newcomer and that's why he's only just appearing. And last season they interviewed Ben Affleck? WHO CARES? I'm actually half-inspired to tune in for James Gandolfini's, if only to see him get riled and beat the tar out of JL. That show....just silly.

Justice League: Unlimited has some money voice talent. I've only caught about a 1/2 dozen episodes so far but have heard the likes of Carl Lumbly, Michael York, John Rhys-Davies, Stephen Root, Julie Bowen, Robert Picardo, Virginia Madsen, Pam Grier, Mark Hamill, Dana Delany and THE VOICE TO END ALL VOICES: Michael Ironside. Sweet ass sweet.

Told you. Nothing deep. Nothing meaningful. It's only vaguely coherent. Clearly, I need some coffee.


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