Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Overheard while I was out buying WAY TOO MUCH Halloween candy at lunch:

Two men are walking down Mass. Ave and one turns to the other and asks, "So how many babies do you plan on having?"

Um, quick answer there Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, for both of you? NONE. (yes, I'm being v. literal w/ this snark. Sue me.) While I likes me a sensitive fella, that is just...too much.


I love, love, love the age when toddlers are just learning to walk, and they constantly go around w/ their arms thrown up in the air to balance themselves, like little tottering "X"s. I saw an Itty Bitty squashing down the sidewalk in just such a pose (and fetchingly done up in a furry-hooded parka and Mary Janes...the cuteness, she pains me) and I about gobbled her up.


Happy Birthday, Viggo. You sexy thing.


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