Friday, August 27, 2004

I love my family

No, really, in all sincerity, I adore my family and all their strengths, and their quirks. That said, I increasingly feel further and further from "the fold" amongst them when it comes to politics and some social issues. Especially in this politically-charged atmosphere leading up to the November election, I am bombarded almost daily with forwarded emails containing choice words about Senator Kerry or the ACLU or the prosecution of abusers from Abu Ghraib, etc. I respect my family--down to every last in-law and cousin--and their right to believe and choose what they will. However when I get something like this, I have to share because the hilarity is unbridled and it's too rich to keep to myself. I received these images via email, on the heels of my watching the Montgomery Gentry video for "You Do Your Thing" again last night. I feel this is the Heartland reaching out sans irony and peddling its ham-fisted wares, and thus, I just gotta blog.


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