Tuesday, July 27, 2004

How the other (hopefully less than) 50% live

I'm always so intrigued whenever I stumble across anything that takes me out of my Democrat/liberal cocoon and reminds me that there's a whole lotta 'Merika out there that does not see things the way I do.  Time with my family always serves this function (the email forwards I get...ohmygah) as does time home in Harrisonburg or in Tidewater.  This morning it was a report on NPR's Morning Edition that featured residents of a small Ohio steel town.  The segment focuses on how the area has been hit by economic woes and the effect this is having on voters--"swing" votes, etc.  Many of the MEN interviewed (I guess they don't let their women-folk talk in that there town) spoke of liking Bush's stance on terror, steel tariffs, "the gays" (steam came out of my ears), being pro-life, etc.  In essence, all things opposite from my viewpoints.  These moments are honestly like anthropological snapshots for me...I feel like the scientist observing a population silently from the shadows, utterly flabbergasted at their mores and trying to figure out why the hell they do what it is that they're doing.  Kinda like when Kristin and I were killing time watching CMT this weekend and the Montgomery Gentry video for "You Do Your Thing" (audio snippet) came on.  It features Montgomery, clad all in black, singing somberly against revolving patriotic images while Gentry makes his way through "the big city" in an SUV WITH A DEAD DEER DRAPED ACROSS THE HOOD, stopping to do things like ogle a hot trophy blond selling herself to businessmen in exchange for creature comforts or taking a baseball bat out of his car to exact vigilante justice on a corner drug dealer.  In front of his 2 kids in the car.  No, I'm not kidding.  We were stunned, wondering who is their demographic?!????!  But then I listened to NPR and knew exactly who they were after, and who they apparently speak to with some effectiveness.  Holy moly.


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