Thursday, July 22, 2004

Africa hot

This is the forecast for Des and Bry's wedding in Williamsburg on Saturday.  That's not a typo; 80% humidity during the day and a whopping 90% at night.  They should have just planned to have it at a water park and been done with things.

Don't get me wrong--I am as excited as almighty f**k for this weekend, and this wedding, and all the partying and shenanigans that will ensue.  It promises to be a frolic for the ages.  Really, we all should be pissed at our 17 year-old selves who thought, Yes, it IS a wise choice to attend a school located ON A SWAMP. 

I might have to foresake my 100% silk dress for an internally-cooled self-contained space suit.  I'm Irish, for the love of Mike!  White, sweaty, and frizzed could just maybe ruin the wedding!  Unless I'm drunk in which case no one (including me) will care.  Yeah...that's the stratEEgery right there.  Beer makes it better.


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