Friday, July 16, 2004

Things observed on my ride in this morning....
1. A man with the MOST dreadful toupe ever.  A blind person could spot this rug a mile away.  You'd think someone who loved him would tell him, "Harold, you look ridiculous."  I volunteer to be that someone.
2. Two guys holding the overhead handrails *flexing* during the ride.  As in, over-gripping the rails in order to emphasize their biceps.   What was brilliant was that the turbo-gripping made them too inflexible to roll with jerks and fits of the train, and they fell onto other people as we took turns.  So that kinda blew their whole "too cool for school" thing.  Foolios.
3. Two different news crews filming random reports along 18th Street.  One of them was a British crew and I was *this* close to stopping, just so I could get the guy to say "crikey," "barmy," and "sod off."
4. The most precious old couple EVER, walking hand-in-hand.  These 2 were easily 85+ years old, swathed in floppy hats and clothes too big for their wee pre-Depression-era-nutrition frames.  I wanted to fold them up and put them in my pocket.  Awww.
See?  Told you it was a slow day for me.


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